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Bébé, allô, tell me what’s the matetr A demand, my love, please... Don't shout because the kids are sleeping. Тут уже нет смысла что-либо комментировать, потому... Aladdin And The King Of Thieves (ost) - Out of Thin Air (Tamil) lyrics request, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat the Devil's Tattoo. SOOLKING – Bebe Allo (English lyrics) You might also Like. Our son grew up you're brain gets smaller / shrinks (double meaning: you make your brain shrink). A demand, my love - please don't yell because the kids are sleeping. You are dying, he's always humiliating you. I’m not that guy anymore But the past is the past Spanish Lyrics. I’ve counted the day, hey The hours and the seconds, hey Translation of 'Bebe' by Ozuna from Spanish to English. You have to believe me Baby, yeah, forget about all this, don’t worry anymore @josylvio - Dolla dolla bill (english tra, @broederliefde - Firi (english translatio, @zoejadhaofficial Bébé, allô (ta-ta) Listen to me I’m afraid you would no longer be there, that you would be gone Pre chorus : English translation of lyrics for Mera Bebe by Bryant Myers. The original lyrics have been corrected, so could you check your translation? See baby, that fucker mistreating and fighting you. Translation of 'Bébé' by MHD from French to English. Baby, give me a hug, Your email address will not be published. What’s the matter ? I did it for us and our son À FRÉROT MHD. today she loves me and tomorrow she hates me, only god knows why No body knows that you are always depressed, Vives muriéndote, él siempre está humillándote. What’s the matter ? I had to take that sacrifice Nothing is stronger than the bond that unites us “Mera bebé, ese cabrón maltratándote y peleándote— Bryant Myers, Writer(s): Luis Torres, Bryan Rohena Perez, You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial, Made with love & passion in Italy. And our story is shining in his eyes, Bridge (2X) : GLK – Sinaloa ft. SOOLKING, KOBA LA D (English lyrics) SOOLKING – Vida Loca 2 (English lyrics) SOOLKING – Marbella (English lyrics) SOOLKING – Kishta ft HEUSS L’ENFOIRE (English lyrics) SOOLKING – Business (English lyrics) A demand, please, because I'm weary, and I can't do it with my heart. But as long as we’re alive, believe me we’ve been through worse Enjoyed everywhere, Bebé tú estás cansada de que te sean infiel, Pero baby contigo yo me quemo en el infierno, Yo no te quiero perder, lo nuestro es eterno. With someone else, other than me while I was trying to hold the door shut. It’s like the sky with no stars and from the bruises on my cheeks will come the strength, I'll have to take by fire (literally: swallow up (with) the big fire). And you know that me, me, me, without you We’ve been through worse, don’t be afraid. Ta-ta, ta-ta Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is the last time I’m getting involved in any of this Cafu est le surnom de MHD / Cafu is MHD's nickname. 1st verse : Translation of 'Malo' by Bebe (María Nieves Rebolledo Vila) from Spanish to English Tú siempre quieres chichar y yo no te puedo pichar, Chal, tenía el pelo negro y se lo mande a bleachar, Chal, she had her hair black and I told to bleach it, Mi rubia, a veces chichamos en el hospedaje donde estudia, My blonde sometimes cheeks in the lodging where she studies, Cuando tú te vienes las gotas del chorro, parece las gotas de lluvia, Conmigo tú te vienes rápido cuando te lo meto, Baby, tú eres mi Victoria y yo soy tu secreto, tú eres loca con mi voz, Te quito el panty Versace, tú me quitas el bóxer de Hugo Boss, I take off your Versace you take off my underwear of Hugo boss, Hoy vamos a chingar y te voy a grabar con el seis plus, Today we're going to fck and I'm going to record with the 6 plus, Lo de nosotros dos es más que un deseo carnal, Y cuando te venías el chorro salía como si fueras a orinar, And when you come the jet comes out as if you were going to pee, Lo de nosotros aumenta mientras más se prive, Sigue insistiéndote aunque tú lo esquives, It keeps insisting you even if you avoid it, Dicen que el placer se multiplica cuando se prohibe, They say that the pleasure multiplies when it prohibites, Los días en que te sientes muerta yo soy el único que te revive, The days that you feel Dead I'm the only one who revives you. Wait for me, I’ll be back I don't want to lose you, ours is for ever. Bébé, allô (ta-ta) (literally: has been eaten away by time by your veins). We’re gonna have a bright future, bright future Khlass, rani mbassi has grown old with the silence (not talking to each other). Ta-ta-ta, ra, ta-ta, ra And don't think you're better than anyone. Required fields are marked *. #dutch #urbanmu, GLK – Sinaloa ft. SOOLKING, KOBA LA D (English lyrics), SOOLKING – Kishta ft HEUSS L’ENFOIRE (English lyrics), SOOLKING – Hayati ft. MERO (English lyrics). A demand, please. Ella siempre me llama pa’ que yo le baje el queso Solo me llama pa’ eso, e’ una maniática (Uah) Ella no se enamora, solo quiere ver la leche caer (Uah) Se encarama encima de mí, ella es (Brr) Ella es una bebé, eh (Baby) Una bebe leche, se menea como loca (Uah) Pa’ que yo se la … Say nothing to police, ooh, ah ah Ta-ta, ta-ta, 2nd verse : Tekashi 6ix9ine & Anuel AA – ‘BEBE’ Lyrics On t'aime très fort. Ta-ta-ta, ra, ta-ta, ra Ta-ta-ta, ra, ta-ta, ra Mera bebé, ese cabrón maltratándote y peleándote. Ta-ta-ta, ra, ta-ta, ra Chorus : Bébé, allô, tell me what’s the matter with the smell of smoke (dirty tobacco) and gin. Copyright © 2020 The International Connect. I love the accent, idiomatic expressions, and double meanings. Bébé, allô (ta-ta) You don’t live this separation well, me either Ta-ta-ta, ra, ta-ta, ra Ta-ta-ta, ra, ta-ta, ra I'm weary, and I can't do it with my heart. Ah ah ah ah ah I’m not that guy anymore, yeah, I’ve changed Sweetheart Sweetheart I had to pay off our debts and get my shit together I became someone else when I got out I would love to erase this whole episode from your memory Here are the full lyrics in English so just imagine how different the song would sound if it was written for a different audience in mind. Your email address will not be published. Bébé, allô (ta-ta)


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