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I say, I'm being Billy Mitchell."Really?!?! It wasn't until 2006 and Wiebe's 1,049,100 game—shown in the epilogue of The King of Kong—that Wiebe actually, officially, and undisputably, beat Mitchell for the first time. Robbie Lakeman Sets New Donkey Kong World Record Live On Twitch. Video is a joke... Good read. Lemay and Chien's battle was well-publicized, culminating in a documentary short that aired in December 2013 on Spike TV. "In the end, we found that there just wasn't sufficient evidence to support the disqualification across the board," Glenday said. [9] He would often stream his attempts live on Twitch, a streaming service, though his initial world record game was performed offline. wishing so bad he was a champ himself, hes a b**** slave to was pretty funny actually. A frame-by-frame analysis of Mitchell's games suggested his game rendering as if played in emulation. It should be apparent by now why I am including Wiebe's ultimately-rejected scores in the table. Credit for most of the original research behind the data and information in this article goes to the excellent Donkey Kong Timeline and Robert Mruczek's response at, "Gamer claims 'Donkey Kong' world record, ending plastic surgeon's four-year reign", "The King Of Kong Once Again The King Of Kong", "Steve Wiebe reclaims spot as king of Donkey Kong", "Donkey Kong: the game that refuses to be beaten", "All-time Donkey Kong world record beaten twice in less than a day", "New Donkey Kong world record set, and there's not much room left for another", "Eminem's Donkey Kong Ambitions | Donkey Blog: News, Theory, and Meditations From The World of Competitive Donkey Kong", "King of Kong's Billy Mitchell's high scores wiped out by Twin Galaxies", "A statement from Guinness World Records: Billy Mitchell",, "The Donkey Kong World Record: The Real History, From 1982 to Today | Donkey Blog: News, Theory, and Meditations From The World of Competitive Donkey Kong",,,,,, "World's best Donkey Kong players duke it out at Kong Off 3",,, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 05:20. Mitchell, however, did not submit the tape right away. Strange that so many people are asserting here that Billy Mitchell has the highest "live" score when Hank Chien clearly has the highest "live" score on the list (1,090,400, Feb 27, 2011, # 16 above), which the article itself noted occurred live at Funspot, whereas comments as late as 2013 falsely assert that Billy still has the highest "live" score and that Hank hasn't 'proven' himself due to his purportedly 'doctored' videos. He has the highest score of all Kong players when it comes to general deportment. Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day said he provided testimony for the Guinness researchers, and he voiced his support for today's decision. atrocious as a documentary and should've cost the filmmakers the right to ever film again! Since Billy Mitchell's epochal achievement of 874,300 points on August 13, 1982, the Donkey Kong world record has undergone a winding and controversial journey. While the achievement hasn't yet been verified on Twin Galaxies' Donkey Kong leaderboard, the full run is available to watch on Twitch. as of right now Steve has a higher score than you. Both Wiebe and Mitchell had undocumented high scores of over 900,000 as far back as the late 1980s. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, National Guard responds as protests over Walter Wallace killing engulf Philadelphia. Mitchell allegedly achieved a videotaped score of 1,047,200—exactly 100,000 points higher than Wiebe's initial 947,200 submission—at his home on June 7th, 2004 (one month after his 933,900 live score in Milwaukee). Twin Galaxies passed their findings onto Guinness and, that April, Guinness followed suit, stripping Mitchell of his world records for Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. Lakeman went on in the ensuing months to top his own score twice more, the three-peat taking place in June 2015 on the very same hallowed Funspot machine where Steve Wiebe had broken the record almost exactly 10 years before in 2005, followed by Hank Chien in 2010. As for the 1.049 game, I was under the impression that you personally invalidated the score (but were under pressure to accept it), on the grounds that it broke continuity of performance. His score was never recognized by TG due to inaccurate information provided by Billy Mitchell and Brian Kuh to Twin Galaxies officials back in Jul-Aug/05.SO, 13+ years after "King of Kong" was first filmed, the DK world record has been broken multiple times (it's now way up there in the stratosphere at nearly 1.250M) and Steve is now officially the 1st player to reach 1M on the title. It seems odd indeed for TG to have verified those, while repeatedly rejecting full-cabinet recordings from Wiebe (who CAN be seen and heard) simply because Wiebe's raise a few technical questions. I should mention at this point that I have made two relatively brief but important changes to this article over the last couple of weeks, because these changes DO have a bearing on the comments. To (greatly) simpify the matter: the Donkey Kong boardsets on which Steve Wiebe performed all of these scores were determined to be problematic. While there's still a chance Twin Galaxies will reject the attempt, it appears to have been completed on the same set up used to record his 2018 run. [24] The July 2015 Kong Off 4 was held in Pittsburgh. Joseph Fryman is a Freelance Comic Book News Writer with CBR. It would be unfair to put so many (often tedious and murky) details on the shoulders of an 80-minute documentary aimed at a casual, mainstream audience. The June 7th, 2004 performance date cited by Twin Galaxies is convincing. Cut ties with Billy\Uncle Rico and embrace the modern era of players. His exact words were that the "totality of the performance outweighed" the issue with the break in continuity of performance. These guys have and are influencing a whole new group of DK lovers and for that I tip my hat to them. Now, after an investigation, he's getting them back. Congratulations to my friend Robbie Lakeman on his new Donkey Kong world record! That was in some perspective a gamer's right to do so as per TG policy at the time, but also poor sportsmanship from another perspective.Wiebe left and a very smaller group of gamers, plus Walter Day and also two other documentary people including Ross Tuttle, I think his name was, or Josh Tuttle, who continued to watch the film.Interestingly, and inaccurately, Wiebe is depicted in the "KoK" film as crying back at Funspot/ACAM that he was not allowed to watch, and yet for the first third he had not even shown up yet, and also Funspot was closed by the time we were watching back in the cabin, so how was he back there being filmed and crying about it ?


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