ec collective agreement
50.01 The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to accommodate an employee who requests time off to fulfill his or her religious obligations. 20.01 Subject to clause 20.02, the following days shall be designated paid holidays for employees: 20.02 An employee absent without pay on both his or her full working day immediately preceding and his or her full working day immediately following a designated holiday is not entitled to pay for the holiday, except in the case of an employee who is granted leave without pay under the provisions of Article 14: leave for Association business. 10.07 The Employer agrees to continue the past practice of making deductions for other purposes on the basis of the production of appropriate documentation. During the term of this collective agreement, other directives, policies or regulations may be added to the above noted list. Prior to a position being reclassified to a group and/or level having a lower attainable maximum rate of pay, the incumbent shall be notified in writing. 3.02 Both the English and French texts of this agreement shall be official. 39.04 Grievances in regard to the above directives, policies or regulations shall be filed in accordance with clause 40.01 of the article on grievance procedure in this collective agreement… Maternity allowance payments made in accordance with the SUB Plan will consist of the following: where an employee is subject to a waiting period before receiving Employment Insurance maternity benefits, ninety-three per cent (93%) of her weekly rate of pay for each week of the waiting period, less any other monies earned during this period. 40.04 The time limits stipulated in this procedure may be extended by mutual agreement between the Employer and the employee and, where appropriate, the Association representative. 40.03 In determining the time within which any action is to be taken as prescribed in this procedure, Saturdays, Sundays and designated holidays shall be excluded. Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 27.03 on the calculation of retroactive payments and clause 54.03 on the collective agreement implementation period, this memorandum is to give effect to the understanding reached between the Employer and Canadian Association Professional Employees (CAPE) regarding a modified approach to the calculation and administration of retroactive payments for the current round of negotiations. one additional day in each year that, in the opinion of the Employer, is recognized to be a territorial, provincial or civic holiday in the area in which the employee is employed or, in any area where, in the opinion of the Employer, no such additional day is recognized as a provincial or civic holiday, the first Monday in August. Maternity allowance payments made under the SUB Plan will neither reduce nor increase an employee’s deferred remuneration or severance pay. Leading Canadian experts in the health and disability management field shall also be consulted. Parental allowance payments made under the SUB Plan will neither reduce nor increase an employee’s deferred remuneration or severance pay. be administered internally within the federal public service, rather than by third-party service provider. All vacation leave credits in excess of two hundred and sixty-two decimal five (262.5) hours shall be paid in cash at the employee’s daily rate of pay as calculated from the classification prescribed in the employee’s certificate of appointment of the employee’s substantive position on the last day of the vacation year. 54.01 This collective agreement shall expire on June 21, 2022. All leave provisions which specify days in this agreement shall be converted to hours with one (1) day being equal to seven decimal five (7.5) hours. as a combination of (a) and (b), pursuant to 25.07(c). D.08 Except as provided in clause D.09 below, PFA shall be adjusted when the incumbent of a position to which PFA applies, is appointed or assigned duties in another position to which a different level of PFA applies, regardless of whether such appointment or assignment is temporary or permanent, and for each month in which an employee performs duties in more than one position to which PFA applies, the employee shall receive the higher allowance, provided he or she has performed duties for at least ten (10) days as the incumbent of the position to which the higher allowance applies. Compensation shall not be paid under Article 30 (travelling time) in respect of hours travelling to or from a conference or convention under the provisions of this clause, unless the employee is required to attend by the Employer.


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