explain about irs 1a and irs 1b satellite specifications
The design, development and successful in-orbit operation of IRS-!A paved the way for India becoming a major Earth Observation player in the world arena within a decade thereafter. Hence the swath of LISS-I was limited to about 150 km. • The first generation satellites IRS-1A and 1B were designed, developed and launched successfully during 1988 and 1991 with multispectral cameras with spatial resolutions of 72.5 m and 36 m, respectively. IRS System. TT&C function is provided by ISTRAC (ISRO Tracking Network), supported by DLR (GSOC, Weilheim), NOAA (Fairbanks), ESA (Malindi) and the USSR (Bearslake) ground stations. wat betekent deze strategie voor de noodzakelijke samenwerking met bondgenoten? [3], The spacecraft platform, measuring 1.56 x 1.66 x 1.10 metres, had the payload module attached on the top and a deployable solar array stowed on either side. These two satellites in the IRS series have been the workhorses for generating natural resources information in a variety of application areas, such as … Any existing ground station equipped to receive data from SPOT or from Landsat will be able to receive IRS-1B satellite data with very minor changes (ISRO can supply the upgrade). IRS 1A IRS-1A is the first satellite in the IRS constellation. One orbit around the earth took about 103 minutes and the satellite made 14 orbits per day. 26-I, pp. IRS-1A successfully completed its mission in July 1996 after operating for 8 years and 4 months.   Privacy Policy, Department of Space, Indian Space Research Organisation, Draft Spacecom Policy 2020- Public Consultation. 477-484 (SEE N87-24738 18-43), 18) F. Lanzl, “The Monocular Electro-optical Stereo Scanner (MEOSS) satellite experiment,” 38th IAF (International Astronautical Congress), England, Oct. 10-17, 1987, 19) Document on Configuration of IRS-P2 and MOS and their Interfaces, ISAC, Bangalore, Nov. 1992, 20) http://database.eohandbook.com/database/missionsummary.aspx?missionID=234. The LISS-II A/B assembly features eight 2048-element linear CCD detector arrays with spectral filters (2 parallel swaths of 74 km each for the LISS-II A/B assembly with 3 km overlap, the total swath is 145 km). IRS-1A, 1B: 1A: 1988-1995 1B: 1991-present (3 years) 904 km: 10:30 a.m. 1 day: 22 days: LISS-I LISS-II: IRS-1C, 1D: 1995-present 1997-present (5 years) 817 km: 10:30 a.m. 1 day: 24 days 5 days 5 days: LISS-III PAN WiFS: RESOURCESAT-1: 2003-present (5 years) 817 km: 10:30 a.m. 5-24 days: LISS-IV LISS-III AWiFS ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication. [2], IRS-1A carried three "Linear Imaging Self Scanner" cameras, LISS-1, LISS-2A and LISS-2B, with a spatial resolution of 72.5 metres (238 ft) and 36.25 metres (118.9 ft) respectively. 3 and 4, Aug. 25, 1991, pp. The refractive optics were chosen to obtain a large FOV (Field of View). Inertial attitude referencing with the star sensor updates is one of the major ISRO developments for astronomical X-ray observations. Launch of the S/C was by a Russian Vostok-2M vehicle from Baikonur on August 29, 1991 (same tracking support configuration as for IRS-1A). 136-151, 4) P. S. Goel, “Spacecraft Technology Development in India,” Space Forum, Vol. IRS-1A and 1B in tandem provided 11-day repetivity. IRS-1A data products are being acquired, processed and disseminated by NRSA (National Remote Sensing Agency) Data Center, Hyderabad. IRS-1B (Indian Remote Sensing Satellite-1B) IRS-1B is a follow-up satellite of IRS-1A. [2] The mission's long-term objective was to develop indigenous remote sensing capability. Four LISS-II scenes cover the area of one LISS-I scene. The IRS-P4 mission is dedicated to ocean monitoring. The IRS-P2 spacecraft continued in operations until September 1997. IRS-1A development was a major milestone in the IRS programme.


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