halloween tv specials 2020
The Pandemic, Haunted Transylvania: Mighty Mummy Madness, The Mystery of Hot Dog Lake!/Phantom Wing. “This Episode Sucks”: Lassiter is approached by a beautiful woman who seems interested in him, and then she disappears. Dean and Sam investigate murders at Oktoberfest. At Monica’s Halloween party, Phoebe becomes attracted to Eric, the friendly fiancé of her flighty twin, Ursula. “Twenty-One Is the Loneliest Number”: Both Lorelai and Rory are saddened that their estrangement will keep them from spending Rory’s 21. “Dog Day Halloween”: Carl must save Steve and Laura, who have been taken hostage during a Halloween robbery. Nancy wrestles with the truth about Barb. So, if you’re someone who enjoys all the seasonal offerings from the small screen, I’ve updated my annual list of Halloween TV specials and classic horror series that are currently streaming on a variety of platforms. This year at the traditional Halloween get together, a witch casts a spell that terrorizes the town and ruins Halloween for the boys. Just as Damon thinks he's gained the upper hand in his fight against Lily, an unexpected turn of events leaves him scrambling for a plan B. “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”: Regine’s first clients as a wedding coordinator are a strange couple set on holding their ceremony in a graveyard. “Teen-A-Witch”: Magical mayhem ensues as Tina dabbles in witchcraft. “Mr. You can currently stream season 1 on The Roku Channel. When the fifth annual Nine-Nine Halloween Heist begins, everybody scrambles to make a plan to come out on top of the competition. “Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down”: The annual Halloween Lanford event finds Roseanne following her neighbor Kathy Bowman, convinced she's planning a prank, and Jackie flirting with an unknown man in a moose costume. (Also known as the “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” episode). Halloween is now officially less than a week away, and one of my favorite October traditions is indulging in all sorts of Halloween-themed TV specials, both new and old. On Halloween, Buffy and her friends find themselves trapped inside a haunted frat house…complete with real-life bats, zombies and a terrifying demon from beyond. “Room Full of Heroes”: Frasier throws a Halloween Hero Worshipping party. Mark gets in trouble when he gets involved with a wild girl from school. “A Halloween, Addams Style”: Gomez and Morticia are outraged when Wednesday comes home from trick-or-treating in tears after a neighbor tells her witches don't really exist. “Draculee, Draculaa/Phranken-Runt”: In "Draculee Draculaa," the first cartoon in a special Halloween episode, the wacky Warner siblings spend the night at Dracula's castle in Transylvania. “A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It”: Halloween is a scary night indeed when Sabrina and her aunts try to throw a "normal" party. Two of the house’s previous residents give the Harmons decorating advice. Niles' Halloween costume party becomes a comedy of errors when he mistakenly thinks that Daphne is pregnant -- and Frasier's the father! “The Hauntening”: When Louise reveals that she has never been scared before, the family sets out to visit a spooky haunted house. “Trick or Trust”: Khadijah and the gang get in the Halloween spirit with outlandish costumes and scary tricks. 1”: Billie is determined to kill a particular demon, but she can’t when confronted with memories of when her sister was kidnapped on Halloween. “The Acme Acres Zone”: A Twilight Zone spoof. Jimmy and Maggie have a run-in with the Twisted Clown. Elena asks Jeremy not to see Vicki. Lassiter is approached by a beautiful woman who seems interested in him, and then she disappears. Dawson enlists his friends to make a documentary about a local witch legend. Humbug”: Jack and Karen (Sean Hayes, Megan Mullally) head out to party, while Will and Grace (Eric McCormack, Debra Messing) go trick-or-treating with Harlan's (Gary Grubbs) kids. Michael gets teased by everyone at the office after he takes an embarrassing fall at a meeting. Wide selection of Halloween movies, TV full episodes, and sitcoms. After months of planning their costumes, at the last-minute Randy tells Stan he can’t go trick or treating with his friends. “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here”: Homecoming is around the corner! “Dead Men Tell No Tales”: In Part Two of the Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover event, Booth and Brennan from Bones are introduced to the supernatural. “Chapter One: October Country”: While Greendale readies for a Halloween eclipse, Sabrina faces a crucial decision and Harvey makes an unexpected declaration. Meanwhile, Kit's court-appointed psychiatrist, Dr. Oliver Thredson, arrives and finds himself involved in an exorcism that goes terribly wrong. When the park closes before their turn comes up, Roger convinces them to jump the ropes and take a ride anyway. Jess gets hired as a zombie at a haunted house. “Gypsies, Cramps and Fleas”: A fortune teller sets up shop at the Peach Pit for Halloween. “Halloween II”: The Peralta/Holt annual Halloween bet continues when Jake challenges the Captain that he can steal his watch before midnight. Angelica convinces the babies to give her their candy or they’ll turn into whatever they dress up as. “Halloween IV”: Roseanne is visited by the ghosts of Halloween past, present and future when she can't get into the spirit of things like usual. You can stream season 1 and season 2 currently on Peacock. Scream: The TV Series (Multiple Seasons). “HalloVeen”: When the fifth annual Nine-Nine Halloween Heist begins, everybody scrambles to make a plan to come out on top of the competition. Daily Dead - Horror entertainment news, reviews, interviews, trailers, and editorials. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse (Season 1, Episode 9)Â. “Monster in the Playhouse”: A giant monster scares everyone in the playhouse, but once Pee-Wee offers it a snack, the gang realizes they’ve found a new friend. Linda tries impressing the children on Halloween night by going off with them in search of an elusive wolf that has been scaring the town. Chuckie finds his inner werewuff and stands up to Angelica. “Trick or Treat”: Gender bending abounds with the annual Conner fright-fest that finds Roseanne in drag and Dan worrying about DJ dressing up as a witch.


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