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Will you be tuning in for series three? All that whiny self-doubt from the middle of this season was gone. All rights reserved. And yet I have to give the Homeland writers kudos. Season 2, Episode 10: "Broken Hearts" That poor great white. Nazir letting her go? And I was glad to have him back. Meanwhile, Carrie knows exactly what Brody has done. But he went even further. ), And why has Nazir taken Carrie? Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. He gave up the serial number. Let me see if I have this right. So will she protect him, knowing that his love for her drove him to help Nazir? And as soon as he hangs up, instead of calling the CIA and the Secret Service and telling them what's happened and asking for their help to find Carrie, Brody goes ahead with the plot. Homeland season three trailer: what does it reveal. I just finished watching the new episode of "Homeland" and boy, are my suspension-of-disbelief muscles tired. (Nazir's capabilities are growing exponentially each episode. His original Wells book, The Faithful Spy, won the 2007 Edgar Award for best first novel. And yet, it was all too easy. I enjoyed seeing him tell Walden "I disagree with everything you say and do," though "I'm killing you" was perhaps unnecessary (mind you this was quite a dark episode so it wasn't always easy to see what was going on). Nazir killing Walden in his office, not in public, and making it look like a heart attack? Or will she try to arrest him, as she should? • The betrayal of Saul was a handy reminder that Estes is, as my mother would say, a wrong 'un. Didn't Dick Cheney — I mean Walden — have it coming? So they did. I started to love the episode again at that moment. Brody's promise struck me as one of those end-of-the-day ideas screenwriters bat around, the ones that never get to the page, much less the screen. He let Carrie go. • Brody calls the safe house "posh". Only this time Homeland's writers saw that mouthful of foot-long shark teeth and knew they had no choice but to reunite Brody and Nazir somehow, and that their shared love for Isa was the best and only way. And the ending felt unfinished, as if they'd just decided to call it a night because everyone was tired and wanted to go home. I'm not sure we can expect coherent answers to those questions, not based on what's happened so far this season. So Nazir believed. It sounded off. It wasn't just jumped. But I almost don't care. In return for Nazir letting Carrie go, he provided the key to Walden's heart, quite literally, which Nazir's lackey then operated remotely, leading to a murder-by-heart-attack that Brody really seemed to mean. "READ MORE AT Vulture. All of which brings us on to Carrie, former super-spy, now mildly annoying narrative device reduced to causing drama by doing exactly the opposite of what she's been told. Do Americans use that word? Once they spotted that fin and gunned that Jet Ski's engine and came up the ramp and soared high above the blue water, they knew they had no choice but to go all the way. Rebecca Nicholson's series blog: Brody and Carrie take a back seat as the plot turns to Quinn's true identity. Landing the jump is the hard part. Jumping a shark is easy. Because he's somehow intuited that Brody loves Carrie and will commit treason to save her life. And Brody kept his half of the bargain. Rebecca Nicholson's series blog: There were some jaw-dropping moments in the explosive final episode of Homeland series two. Somehow, the world's-most-wanted terrorist, working alone but … I see what you've done – Walden's heart! Some positives in this episode – giving Brody a secret job to do ramps up the always-effective tension, and Damian Lewis has become very good at scrabbling around an office looking for a number while people make noises outside the door. This episode pulled off that feat. Why? By the end of the season, I expect him to have a nuclear lab.). But of course season-two Carrie would escape from one of the most dangerous men in the world, only to go back to a deserted mill, alone, unarmed, knowing that she is not only risking her own life but the operation that is under way to capture Nazir. By having those big reveals so early on, the worry was this season would run out of steam. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook. And much of this episode was classic season-two daftness. Catch up with Rebecca Nicholson's episode nine blog. I suspect she had been at Quinn's Magical Medicine. Sun 9 Dec 2012 22.00 GMT We may earn a commission from these links. Can the writers get away with two more that run purely on sensation and momentum, or can they steer us back to the real world after what they've just done? Then there's Jessica and Brody's marriage, surely dead in the water by now. • Galvez alert – he conspicuously came back "to help Carrie". Brody agrees. Wait! I think so. It's literally broken! Meanwhile, Mike questions the nature of the events surrounding the shooting of Elizabeth Gaines. Recap guide / thumbnail previews for "Homeland" Season 2 Episode 10 SIGN IN Recaps for TV shows View TV episodes as 50 thumbnails Don't read on if you haven't seen episode 10 – and if you've seen later episodes, please do not leave spoilers. On any rational level, the episode made no sense. to Nazir several times over the phone, I wondered if it was a confession from the writers that yes, they've decided to go for the full Jack Bauer after all. I had high hopes for this week following the shock crash at the start, particularly since it marked the return of jazz, which usually signals something interesting happening. SPOILER ALERT: This blog is for people watching the second series of Homeland on Channel 4. There are two things that could be happening here. Who'd have them? © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. I think I saw a triple Axel, a double helicopter, and two backflips. (Yup, like Brody. I think I saw a triple Axel, a double helicopter, and two backflips. Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, writes the best-selling series of spy novels featuring John Wells, a CIA operative and Muslim convert. He doesn't get that sweaty panic on for just any girl. Against the advice of her family, Carrie becomes involved in an operation that may rid the world of Abu Nazir once and for all. Seeing him taken away was gently devastating. First, Abu Nazir, the world's most wanted terrorist, the subject of a nationwide manhunt, tracks down Carrie in downtown Washington.


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