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Or, if you’re a real scholar, you might receive the President’s Award, worth $2,500, for a 95%+ entrance average. The McMaster Health Sciences (BHSc) acceptance rate is approximately 10%. However, McMaster University as a whole awards scholarships to students upon entry. Exploring and sharing career paths for graduate students; defining unique skill sets that graduate students need for current and future career paths. If you have any questions, please contact the BHSc office at, or for assistance. We will not write your application for you. The following interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity. An important part of attending university is putting yourself out there. If there is a significant discrepancy in the scores given for a single response, your response will be evaluated by another person. If you need some guidance, connect with the BHSc academic advisors. 22815 or ext. This means that you can really make your application stand out and get a higher score if you have a high GPA and your Supplementary Application answers are unique and explained well. If you want a more traditional style of learning Western Medical Sciences may be the program for you. Applications without a Supplementary Application will be automatically excluded. In your second semester, you could take courses like CHEM1AA3, HTHSCI 1I06 (Cellular and Molecular Biology), HTH1E06 (Inquiry), HTHSCI 1G03 (Psychobiology), and HTH 1DT3 (Discover Immunology Today). The best thing you can do is to keep an open-mind and adapt to these new experiences, trust in yourself and others, and ask for help when you need it. “BHSc has charged me to be a better student, friend, and individual. However, the philosophies behind these programs are vastly different. If you can prove to the club executives that you are a great team member, they can act as references when you apply for future leadership positions. These courses give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge on other topics, so make the most of them. Please see the details above regarding the Level 2 application process here. McMaster’s Art and Science program (Art Sci) provides students with a broad-based, interdisciplinary education. I was always more of the business-track student and applied to most of the business schools in Ontario in hopes of doing a double degree in science-business or biotech. We’ve listed the most important ones here. University of Toronto’s MD program reports that the majority of their first year MD class previously attended McMaster and that 72% of these students completed a four-year Bachelor’s degree. The Faculty is known for its interdisciplinary research, and we look to translate what we learn in our laboratories into health care thought and practice. If you are not a fan of math, we recommend taking Data Management because it’s easier to understand. If you'd like advice about ways to improve your chances of admission, please check out our 1-on-1 Admissions Support services for McMaster Health Sciences or contact us at: Unfortunately, McMaster does not publish this data. Every week, specialists talk about their specific fields of research. , which reveals McMaster’s application data in the early 2000s (and interestingly splits it out between rural and non-rural Ontarians). If an applicant in a cluster meets the grade cut-off set for it, then they receive an offer of admission. The University of Ottawa Medical School does not have a readily available class profile, but you can learn more about their admission requirements by visiting this page. With our faculty at our strong academic hospital partners Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, the Faculty oversees biomedical and health care research totaling $239 million. To apply to McMaster Health Sciences as a Level 2 applicant, you need to complete one full year of university undergraduate studies. Applicants from a university other than McMaster will apply through Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC). The material you learn in this class will be important for your future courses, so make sure you keep up with the readings and attend class. Don’t rush this step. I’ve learned more than I thought possible; I’ve learned the value of self directed learning and of reflection, and I’ve gotten to study what I truly love. For more information on application deadlines, visit this page. OUAC groups McMaster’s application data into sciences, and doesn’t split out Health Sciences as a distinct program. It highlighted the importance of collaboration, interpersonal relationships, and support for one other. To stay up to date on news, events and research, follow us on any of our platforms. A great thing about the BHSc program is that it emphasizes the importance of research. Note: this does not include paying for books, a food plan, residence/housing, and other associated expenses. Learning doesn’t happen only in a university or some educational institution – learning happens every day just with life. HOW ARE MCMASTER BHSC APPLICATIONS EVALUATED? Our areas of research expertise are many, and range from addiction, to allergy, asthma and childhood disability, cardiology, cancer immunology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, population health, stem cells, thrombosis and virology. To satisfy these requirements, you might take Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, and Mathematics of Data Management in high school, like we did. Your application’s evaluation depends on this grading scheme, and then your scores are averaged. Exciting and engaging curriculum for students interested in a variety of health-related careers. Our consultant recalls coming away from the class with a new appreciation and understanding of how the arts intersect with health. Many students become overwhelmed by the MedSci atmosphere and do not continue pursuing medicine. Chemistry 1A03 covers basic chemical processes, some of which you likely learned in your Grade 11 and 12 chemistry courses. If you want to see what McMaster iSci is like, you can enroll in the iSci for a day program, where you’ll be able to shadow a first year iSci student, or you can attend a workshop. I got the opportunity to unearth Angela’s insights about the program and its unique supplementary application. Find out more about what’s going on in the BHSc Community! McMaster A-Z Index Faculty of Health Sciences Academics Undergraduate Studies/Programs Graduate Studies/Programs Part-Time Studies & Continuing Education Departments & Faculties Alumni About the Alumni Association Alumni Events Programs for You need to complete the same Supplementary Application for BHSc Level I and Level II. It has been wonderful being part of this program; an experience which will stay with me the rest of my life, wherever I go.”, “I’m happy to have the opportunity to explore health sciences through a interdisciplinary lens in the BHSc program. The Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Please enjoy learning more about our Faculty of Health Sciences on this website.


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