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Press the display should read … How to Order Additional Teacher Guides TI-30X ÙS, and any pertinent notes about To place an order or to request information their functions. To determine the inverse of a reciprocal function, such as Cot – 1 (2) or Sec – 1 (–1), you have to change the problem back to the function’s reciprocal — one of the three basic functions — and then use the appropriate inverse button. Powers 4.1 Squaring and higher powers 62 means 6 × 6. Calculating the inverse of a reciprocal function on your scientific calculator. Find the secant of an angle using the below online Secant Calculator. (It is shown on the photograph of your calculator here.) Secant function is reciprocal of cosine function. Mastering the calculator using the Texas TI-30XIIB and TI-30XIIS 11 4. You can use the square key to do this calculation. The result is 30, meaning 30 degrees. This Sec x calculator provides the corresponding values of the angles in secant radians and secant degrees. The calculator reference sheet is provided to test-takers in order to demonstrate the functionality TI-30XS Calculator Reference Sheet The calculator reference sheet is provided on most items on the 2014 GED® Mathematical Reasoning Mathematical Reasoning test, as well as certain items on the Scientific Reasoning and Social Studies tests. Sec x always goes to infinity when cosine function is zero, since they both are inverted functions. My calculator model is TI-30X IIS and I need to find the Csc/Cot/Sec. Above the normal sin, cos, and tan buttons, it says sin-1 cos-1 and tan-1; I'm assuming that these are …


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