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Ubisoft announced the name of the season on August 12, 2020. [33] Mozzie is a defender whose gadget is an autonomous robot called "Pest" that hacks the attacker's drones, letting him use them. This gadget can be thrown in a similar manner to a grenade where it will deploy up to three hydraulically powered breaching charges that will sequentially detonate large holes into soft or reinforced surfaces. Her secondary gadgets are impact grenades and a deployable shield. [41] A member of the Peruvian APCA, Amaru is an attacking operator who uses the Garra Hook to grapple or hoist herself onto or through ledges, windows, or open hatches. Operation Steel Wave is likely to go live in the coming hours on the TTS, but don’t expect it to hit live servers for a few weeks. [46], With this season, the game introduces a limb penetration system in which some weapon types will be able to hit more than one target at once. [9], Operation Velvet Shell, the first season of Year 2, was released on 8 February 2017. [24] The operation introduced a new map set in Tuscany, as well as two GIS operators named Alibi and Maestro. Frost is a defending operator who can use a device similar to a bear trap to incapacitate enemies, while Buck, the attacking operator, has an under-barrel M26 shotgun. If you're seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser, please enable JS to make this app work. Her hook won’t be as janky anymore, with a smoother animation. Rainbow Six: Siege - Operation Steel Wave. Dokkaebi is an attacker who can hack enemy phones to make them ring, revealing their position. The operation introduced a new map set in the Outback of Australia, along with two operators from SASR, Mozzie and Gridlock. Instead of giving ten health points of damage to players, the drone will only deal one point per shock. Ace and Melusi have joined Team Rainbow in the latest update, while some old faces like Amaru, Nomad, and Kaid have received some changes. ‘Operation Steel Wave’ launches in full in June, but it can be trialled on test servers starting today (May 19). Ubisoft is cleaning up Rainbow Six ranked in Y5S2. Rainbow Six Siege Year 5: operators, release date, and all the latest details Ubisoft has plenty of changes in store for the FPS titan. [45] From India is Kali, an attacking operator armed with a CSRX 300 bolt-action sniper rifle that can toggle between 5× to 12× magnification. Mozzie was another target of the patch, removing the Super Shorty from his loadout. The closer attackers are to the Banshee, the more they will be interfered with. In the patch, the developers reduced Jäger to a two-speed, two-armour operator. With the update, players would now receive a prompt to confirm whether they wish to exit rappel. Both are part of a CBRN specialist detachment of Team Rainbow. The Six November 2020 Major will happen in four different stages throughout the upcoming weeks. This includes a slow and a subtle screen shake. It works similar to a grenade, attaching onto a wall. Alibi and Maestro's ACS-12 shotgun now shoots slugs instead of traditional buckshot. [21], Serving as the first season of Year 3, Operation Chimera released on 6 March 2018. [13] The operation was an update that fine-tuned many of the game's aspects, including fixes to hitboxes, spawn killing and audio issues. Teams will be able to initiate a cancellation during the Preparation Phase of the first round, followed by a voting prompt to end the match. The South African defender is Melusi, an operative from a notable anti-poaching task force. It then breaks the wall down in segments from top to bottom. That means you won’t have to have multiple tabs and streams open. [4], The second season of Year 1, Operation Dust Line, was released on 11 May 2016. [39], In the third season of Year 4, Operation Ember Rise, which released on 11 September 2019,[40] the operation introduced a rework of Kanal and two new operators, Amaru and Goyo. He comes equipped with the AK-12 rifle and M1014 shotgun as primaries, and the P9 sidearm. For the defending team, Void Edge introduces Oryx, a Jordanian operator who has no technological gadget. As an attacking operator, Hibana possesses a weapon that launches up to three sets of six explosives that attach to and break reinforced walls. There have been 18 seasons in five years of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in the form of downloadable content. Rainbow Six: Siege’s next massive event, the Six November 2020 Major, is starting soon and the best teams from all four corners of the globe will duke it out to determine who is the cream of the crop in each region. The nature of the cat-and-mouse gameplay makes it an absolute spectacle, especially when you’re watching the best players and teams in the world. Ace is Team Rainbow’s newest hard breacher. The team rarely discusses its rollout until 24 hours before deployment, at which point we receive a finalized release schedule, with planned downtime per platform. Kaid, a defending operator, can throw a gadget called Electroclaws that can electrify reinforced surfaces, barbed wire, and deployable shields. if(typeof(jQuery)=="function"){(function($){$.fn.fitVids=function(){}})(jQuery)}; Rainbow Six: Siege’s next operation, titled Steel Wave, has officially been revealed. The newest seasonal content update for the first-person shooter hits live servers on Tuesday, June 16th on all platforms. Ace's unique gadget is the SELMA Aqua Breacher. [43], Operation Shifting Tides is the fourth and final season of Year 4, which released on 3 December 2019. If the 2 teams vote for the same map, one of two remaining maps is chosen. However, developer Jean-Baptiste Halle announced at the Six Invitational 2020 that only one new operator would be introduced each season after the third season of Year 5. [17] Ying, an attacking operator, utilizes candela cluster charges that can be thrown or attached to a surface to stun enemies, similar to a stun grenade. However, it can be stopped by Mute jammers, Bandit batteries, and Kaid electroclaws, as well as people shooting it from the other side of the wall. The two-speed, two-armor Norwegian attacker’s S.E.L.M.A gadget can blow open reinforced walls and hatches. Ubisoft announced the name of the season on 13 May 2020, and revealed the new operators over the next few days. Warden is a defending operator from the United States Secret Service who comes equipped with a pair of Glance Smart Glasses, which eliminate the effects of flashbangs and allow him to see through smoke. [49] The season was first announced by Ubisoft on 10 February 2020, during the Six Invitational. Her unique gadget is the Banshee Sonic Defense gadget, which emits a low frequency humming noise that dramatically reduces attacker movement and alerts defenders to their position when within its effective radius. Echo, the defending operator, uses a drone capable of releasing sonic blasts to disorient enemies. Ranked will also be restricted until accounts hit level 50 now to discourage smurfs, as well as give new players a bit more time in casual to learn the ropes. A minimum of 1 map out of 3 is voted out at the beginning of a match, with each team voting at the same time. The release date for Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Steel Wave is set to arrive sometime in December 2020 (based on the usual 3 month period between seasons). [16] The operation introduced a new map set in Hong Kong, two SDU operators named Ying and Lesion, and one Polish GROM operator named Ela. The Six November 2020 Major is the next premier event in the professional scene. House has expanded to have four bomb sites, with a second bomb site on the top floor being added in Car Room (formerly Kid’s Bedroom) and Master Bedroom. Wamai is the first DLC defending operator to have an assault rifle in his loadout. [25], Operation Grim Sky, the third season of Year 3, was released on 4 September 2018. The schedule is organized in a way where there will only be one series on at any given time. Finally, the last major change was made to ranked play in Rainbow Six: Siege. However, the next season's Operators appear to have leaked and it's got a SERIOUS Splinter Cell vibe - one of Ubisoft's other famous Tom Clancy properties. The patch also reduced the number of Volcán Shields in Goyo's possession and swapped Buck's frag grenade for a claymore. This new system will also take damage modifiers and armour ratings into account when it comes to hit registration. Zero's unique gadget is the Argus Launcher, which allows him to deploy multiple two-way cameras on soft or reinforced surfaces that can fire a single-shot laser that can destroy defender gadgets in a single hit. The Banshee is deployable on all surfaces, and emits a loud buzzing noise when attackers are in its radius. Vigil is a defender who uses a cloaking device to become invisible to all drones and cameras. Ubisoft announced its plans earlier this week, confirming that a … [36] The operation introduced two new operators, Nøkk and Warden. Updated: 28/Oct/2020 5:32. That means you won’t have to have multiple tabs and streams open. [18][19], Operation White Noise served as the fourth and final season of Year 2 and released on 5 December 2017. The Banshee can only be destroyed with explosives or melee attacks ⁠— regular fire doesn’t affect it. [47] In Shifting Tides, the update changed the game's rappel feature in how one exits from rappelling.


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