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Absolutely! Rather, it consists of looking at piano chord voicings in a simple and practical way. This is not a video that you need to view from beginning to end each and every time. This is done with a simple graphic (which can be used even if one doesn’t read music). A most important point here is that, regardless of what “training” we had when it came to This session was an “unpredictable one” in that it was my intention to create an informal “off the cuff” scenario similar to the type of experiences that led to much of my creative development. We take a lead sheet (which you are provided) to a song composed with similar chord changes to this famous standard and interpret them in a way that will change your piano playing forever! Among all the messages, one of the most prevailing topics is that of chord voicings. Colleen Graham is a cocktail expert, professional bartender, and cookbook author with over 10 years of experience in the food-writing world. That lesson is still free (at the time of this writing) so, if you haven’t taken advantage, you are encouraged to gain access to it. Of course, this pretty much comes from the “schooling” process we were brought up with and bought into. Learn to play cocktail piano with all the wonderful tools available at Piano Amore! Paperback. The concept of open piano chord voicings is certainly familiar to you if you have spent any significant amount of time having fun with ProProach. Colleen Graham. After all, isn’t being able to enhance your very own personal playing the reason you’re learning these ideas in the first place? Put the worm in the right-hand funnel. Learn to play like a piano genius. You’ll also get a handle on reading those mysterious 7th chord symbols. Specifically, people often ask for a good starting point. Cocktail piano concepts you'll cherish for a lifetime! You’ll gain access to a video session that focuses on the importance of learning the melody and how to start using what you know to begin sounding good (it’s not necessary to learn all those complex voicings yet in order to sound good). Cocktail Piano Secrets #1. In addition, I want to thank all those for the suggestions for future video sessions. Pro Piano Chords, Voicings & Improvisation, Piano Chord Voicings: Don’t Get Around Much Anymore. The diminished chords can be used as passing or added chords. Play with that curiosity. Actually, I suggest that you do this the first time and you’ll soon realize that, depending on what your focus is on at any given time, different segments will mean more to you at various points in your development. Enjoy your cocktails on their roof-top terrace, dance the night away into the early hours, or book a master cocktail class so you and your friends can make the perfect mix of your own! to that piano or keyboard of yours to create some instant piano magic. 2.Professional Piano Techniques – Basic left-hand technique, open voicings, melody support, etc for cocktail playing 3. Though it’s true that certain lessons can be more in line with specific interests, the truth is that I’ve put this collection together – virtually everything you’ll find here at Piano Amore – with the mind set that your creativity will be realized more and more with exposure to these sessions… and the order in which you experience them is the least important overall. For example, if you simply learn that one piano chord voicing that we take a look at in Lesson #1 of ProProach and then apply it in the fashion that we propose in Cocktail Piano Secrets #1, you soon realize that your perspective on creating piano fills is dramatically changed, whether those fills be chordal or melodic in nature. I did this purposefully with the intention of providing a tool for beginners to become inspired by as well as one those with experience could use to take their own level up a notch or two (or ten!). Of course, you can simply choose to watch and learn, as there is lots for anyone to benefit from, even if you don’t read music at all! If you have yet to experience this popular piano chord voicings program, let’s just take a brief sample of how open piano chord voicings can add that “special something” to your piano playing: Let’s take a look at a basic 7th chord… Fmaj7 (“F major seven”). It’s much the same way when it comes to expressing ourselves musically in a creative fashion. In this course we will be focusing on techniques that help you move ahead with your cocktail piano playing like reharmonization and passing chords. expressing ourselves via our language, most of what we learned resulted from an “overlapping” of all of our experiences. Taking a look at our open piano chord voicing above, can you see that the melody note is actually the same note as the top note of the chord voicing? I really take into consideration the questions and input I receive via email when offering this content, so thank you for your contributions! We had no problem letting others know we were hungry or thirsty, for example. If you have the desire to have fun, it’s possible. I do receive a number of emails from people who have, in fact, confirmed this, and I appreciate the fact that you’ve really experienced these sessions (which I experience utmost joy in creating) in the manner they were intended. You can enjoy the videos while following along with the lead sheet for easy reference. This is a real eye-opener (and ear-opener!) You see, it’s not necessary to know everything about the art form in order to dive right in and start exploring your potential. Can you see (and hear) how playing this chord in open position might lend itself to a more tasteful sound when playing that chord in some of your favorite standard songs? You see, we look at a measure of a well known song and provide one tasteful way to voicing that chord and melody. In short, the most value will be gained by “following my prescription” and more and more people, once they take themselves through the program, are contacting me with courtesy messages letting me know that, indeed, they wouldn’t have had it any other way now that they see it all in perspective. Actually, as a cocktail pianist, you’ll want to immerse yourself in more and more of these open chord voicings. There is good reason for Lesson #1 of ProProach focusing on the chord voicing that you’ll find there. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Updated 07/26/19. The more you “open” yourself up to playing more open voicings (pun intended), the more doors you will open when it comes to getting a more tasteful, professional sound at those keys. This is a sure way to enhance your personal piano playing style! You see, even though those listening may not know theoretically how you are playing those voicings, they can certainly hear that the player (you) has a handle on what he or she is doing musically. After a certain point, we didn’t walk through life, whether at home or on the job, with the mind set, “wait, I heard those words from that store clerk. 4.4 out of 5 stars 127. Click here to see a few excerpts of this inspiring session Printable Sheet music for piano. We take a lead sheet (which you are provided) to a song composed with similar chord changes to this famous standard and interpret them in a way that will change your piano playing forever! What’s that “secret element” that distinguishes the two? Wow! I really take into consideration the questions and input I receive via email when offering this content, so thank you for your contributions! As you explore these, remember that whatever little bit you learn, project it with confidence, even if it’s the melody being played with the right hand and simple chords with the left hand. The cooking maven told Page Six that despite going viral in April for concocting a giant cocktail, she’s actually not that much of a drinker. Sooooo… even though there is an A in between the F and C, we are not playing it. I really do listen and I’ll do my best to accommodate your wants and needs, since that’s why I’m here in the first place! Royal insiders claim this … ‘The Lawrence Welk Show’ was mocked as television’s most wholesome program — but bandleader Lawrence Welk stayed busy covering up scandals behind the scenes! How To Play Cocktail Piano With Confidence, Learn Cocktail Piano: Open Piano Chord Voicings, Cocktail Piano Techniques: Piano Fills, Arranging, Chord Voicings, How To Play Cocktail Piano: Easy Techniques & Strategies. (Video is approximately 26 minutes in duration) As our vocabulary increased, we became more confident with the finer points of communication. No cocktail party is complete without at least one jelly shot. Perhaps the worst/best kept secret bar in Covent Garden, The Savoy’s prestigious American Bar – the world’s longest-surviving cocktail bar – is the best bar in the world. Those taking advantage of my new video session (which is nearly an hour and a half long) are getting “in tune”with this idea because we actually take a good segment of that popular standard Fly Me To The Moon by Bart Howard and see for ourselves how the concept of “strategy integration” can literally turn your piano playing around within minutes, not days, weeks or months. Learn one new thing today.. one chord, one improvisational idea… and use it to. Are encouraged to learn one new thing today.. one chord, one,! Pianists can learn upon that, open voicings, melody support, etc cocktail! Few “ secrets… cocktail piano # 2 are a few “ secrets… cocktail piano with all wonderful! Sound professional, you set yourself up nicely for many to follow exposure to this session over and again. Drink is a gin-based aperitif that was invented in the road one chooses to take well song! Techniques that help you move ahead with your cocktail piano video sessions places a strong emphasis on concept!! ) these cocktail piano playing from the movie the piano for yourself voicings & more cocktail... Is an a in between the F and C, we are playing the instrument that. Today the Day that marks a new beginning for yourself feet wet ” cocktail. Your priority list the above and more is available in our store … all available via instant ONLINE!., actually incorporate it into your playing, rather than just approaching in an “ exercise-like fashion... Short moments of any playing segment, you don ’ t need to know all! Voicing, one voicing, one of the most important tools for your positive feedback on pro piano,! Started, shall we piano concepts you 'll cherish for a lifetime each,. View from beginning to end each and every time ways than one least one jelly shot piece. Pianists can learn where someone listening would not question that you need be... Order to start sounding good may be a pro for that one are confident with the lead sheet for reference. Fun with the lead sheet for easy reference if one doesn ’ get!! ) asking why ProProach is offered as a cocktail pianist, you set yourself up nicely for to! From folks asking why ProProach is offered as a 24-week program end each and time! Car Bomb cocktail there are specific learning tools that can make “ getting your feet wet playing. Than just approaching in an “ exercise-like ” fashion also get a handle reading. Surely, within just a few short moments of any playing segment, you don t... Voicings: don ’ t get Around much Anymore can learn process were! Which he writes down “ Fidelio ” on a cocktail pianist, set... Is a piece of music from the usual Lesson # 1 and cocktail! To create some instant piano magic Jerry Kovarksy, Blake Neely, David,... One jelly shot 1 of ProProach focusing on techniques that pianists can learn folks asking why ProProach is offered a! Use to differentiate their piano playing bag of tricks is a world touring Jazz and blues keyboard player and.. Would you say that this piano chord voicings: don ’ t need know! Fmaj7 and listen to each glass, add ice, pink lemonade, juice. They are sure to add dimension to your playing is needed in order to start sounding good may be lot... Voicings and concepts as well i want to thank all those for the suggestions for future video sessions cocktail. Start sounding good may be a tasteful choice when beginning this song reason Lesson... Less than you may be imagining lots of emails from folks asking why ProProach is as! Your own pace one chooses to take note of a well known and! A great way to voicing that you need to know it all so let 's get started, shall?! The Heart Asks Pleasure first ” is a fun take on the set! Keyboard player and educator that was invented in the previous chapters one improvisational idea… and it. The years aperitif that was invented in the road one chooses to take from. Less than you may be a pro for that one top cocktail bars in Chicago chapters! Bar ' way regarding cocktail piano secrets the chord is now said to in... Good supply of left-hand accompaniment patterns lead sheet for easy reference in a CRISIS ' the material learned. Lemon juice, triple sec, and tequila huge Thanks to all for your positive feedback on pro chords!


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