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Making the whole matter official, Gray makes Arthur, Dutch and Bill deputies. The first two Lemoyne Raiders have to be killed while driving the wagon, which makes being accurate quite difficult. Rhodes is a rundown town that has lost a lot of its Antebellum charm, and is in the grip of a feud between two old local families: the Grays and the Braithwaites. Terminez mission avec une précision d’au moins 70%. Read on for tips and tricks, walkthroughs, & more! Télécharger God of War Version Android – APK Gratuit. Terminez avec une précision d’au moins 85%. Terminez avec une précision d’au moins 80%. Soluce complète des missions principales. The New South. To be able to make it out of this fight without taking damage, always keep the defense button pressed to avoid getting hit by your opponent. Tuez « 5 Pillars » de Lemoyne dans le saloon avec des tirs à la tête. Trouble, however, is only beginning. Terminez mission avec une précision d’au moins 90%. At this point, the confrontation with some members of the Lemoyne Raiders will begin. Afraid that the routes westward were were being watched by Pinkterton agents, the gang moved south and east and are now hiding at Clemens Cove, near the town of Rhodes. In case you don't want to take any risk, you can also choose to send Bill to do your dirty work. Friends in Very Low Places. RDR2 chapitre 3 “Clemens Point” Missions (Part II) Mission: Une faim de cheval. Targeting Leviticus Cornwall and his business over and over again prompted the man to act, leading to a massacre in Valentine and the gang being forced to leave the Horseshoe Outlook camp. We Loved, Once and True I, II, III - This mission is triggered by the letter found in Arthur's tent. At some point on the road, Arthur, Dutch, and Hosea will encounter two lawmen carrying prisoners on a wagon. We will never spam you. A Fisher of Men is not popping. You need to be nearing the end of Chapter 3 for this mission to unlock. Archibald will stop to examine the scene, confirming that the attack on the wagon was made by the Lemoyne Raiders, with whom Arthur is already acquainted. Getting In Between Braithwaites & Greys Chapter 3 will have you working to spread the rift between the Greys & Braitwaites. [CDATA[ (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); // ]]> // .

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